Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Nihon Dengyo Kosaku Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “DENGYO”), is a company that contributes to society through the provision of products that serve as access points (antenna and filters) for radio waves, an increasingly indispensable technology for today’s society. Based on the understanding that it is a social responsibility of DENGYO to protect the personal information used in its operations, such as the personal information of customers, suppliers, and other related parties, DENGYO establishes and will strive to perform the following privacy policies.


1.Compliance with laws and standards

DENGYO will comply with the Privacy Protection Law and others standards.


2.Acquisition and use of personal information

DENGYO, upon acquiring personal information in its business activities, states the purpose of use explicitly in advance and acquires such information through legal and appropriate means. In using the personal information, the Company handles personal information appropriately within the scope of the stated purpose of use. When DENGYO wishes to change the purpose of use, the owner of the personal information will be informed of such intention. The Company will use the information for the changed purpose only after the information owner’s permission has been obtained.


3.Provision of personal information to third parties

DENGYO does not provide personal information to third parties other than its contractors, unless the owner’s approval has been obtained or unless permitted under applicable law. In case personal information is provided to contractors of DENGYO, contractors will be obligated to ensure the implementation of measures necessary for privacy protection, including through written agreements, with the Company providing appropriate control, supervision, and instructions.


4.Implementation of safeguarding measures

DENGYO establishes control mechanisms for personal information protection, and takes actions necessary to prevent information from being compromised, lost, altered, and accessed without unauthorized, and any other action necessary to safeguard such information.


5.Observing information owners’ rights concerning personal information

If information owners require of DENGYO disclosure, amendment, addition, or deletion of their personal information, or deny the use or provision of their personal information, the Company will observe the rights of such information owners and comply in a reasonably expedient and appropriate manner.


6.Formulation of personal information protection regulations and continual improvement

DENGYO formulates and ensures the implementation of personal information protection regulations in order to firmly establish awareness among officers and employees of the importance of personal information protection and to enforce these privacy policies.DENGYO maintains and continually reviews these regulations for further improvements.


July 1st, 2015

Jun SEGAWA, Representative Director and President

Nihon Dengyo Kosaku Co., Ltd.

For direct inquiries on personal information please contact:

Purpose of use of personal information

Personal information acquired by DENGYO is used for the following purposes.


1.Personal information concerning customers

・Communication with customers and performance of contracts
・Customer surveys for the development of product and service enhancements
・Customer surveys for the development of product and service enhancements


2.Personal information concerning suppliers

・Communication necessary for business purposes, cooperation, and performance of contracts


3.Personal information concerning shareholders

・Exercise of rights and performance of obligations under the Commercial Code and other laws


4.Personal information obtained through applications for employment with DENGYO and through staff leasing agencies

・Communication, provision of information, and screening for hiring


5.Retirees of the Company

・Communication and actions necessary to comply with labor related laws


6.Personal information concerning persons other than the above inquiring with DENGYO

・Communication and provision of information