NINJA ANTENNA Presentation at MWC24 Barcelona


NINJA ANTENNA™ brand has ninja-like stealth features such as "camouflage", "transparency", and "concealment", enabling seamless integration into various spaces. These antennas can be installed or attached to indoor walls, ceilings, streetlights, pillars, traffic signals, signs, as well as moving vehicles like trains. They maintain aesthetic and design integrity while facilitating the transmission and reception of radio waves, including 5G and Wi-Fi.

NINJA ANTENNA™ brand products have a track record of over 3,800 deliveries in the Japanese market, North America, Asia, Europe, and other global markets.


NINJA ANTENNA Brand Catalogue

Product Line-Up


Brand Ambassador "DENZO"

DENZO is the cat dressed as ninja, equipped with an antenna to support communication service.

With exceptional hiding abilities, DENZO is satisfied with the role of connecting everyone's communication using its built-in antenna. DENZO is always on the lookout for opportunities to showcase its hiding skills, although it occasionally forgets to conceal its tail.

DENZO runs at high speeds, finding it cool when its red scarf flutters in the wind. Despite the ninja appearance , DENZO is gentle at heart and not fond of fighting.

Product Datasheet

Type Categories
Beam Width
Transparent Antenna 2T2R   VT-M0672-002 617-7200 355×240(mm) 360°
Transparent Antenna 4T4R   VT-M1772-002 1710-7200 230×230(mm) 360°
Film Warp Antenna® GS00190 3400-4100 190×300(mm) 70°
Film Wrap Antenna® GS00191 4400-4900 190×300(mm) 70°