President Message



     Since our foundation in 1947, Nihon Dengyo Kosaku (DENGYO) Group has been a leading company in radio wave technology. We are continuing our activities with the aim of realizing a society where people can do things more comfortably and freely. Using advanced technologies and ideas related to radio waves, such as antenna technology and filter technology, we have created a wide variety of products and solutions, and we have also been involved in various construction work to implement these equipment. In order for our customers to experience and be satisfied with value that exceeds their expectations through our activities, we are committed to original technology and continue to take on the challenge of innovation with an emphasis on the workplace.


     We are also actively working on sustainability management in order to fulfill our responsibilities as a member of society. We are contributing to the development of a sustainable society by balancing business growth and contribution to society, protecting the environment through our business and promoting sustainability activities throughout the supply chain.


     In the 21st century society, information communication technology, AI, robot technology, etc. will progress dramatically, and other new advanced technologies will be born one after another. It is expected the distribution and utilization of data will advance, and new value creation and innovation will be promoted. In addition, the environment surrounding us will change dramatically, such as the diversification and complication of social and environmental issues. In such major environmental changes, the DENGYO Group will maximize our strengths as a leading co

mpany in radio wave technology, focus on innovation activities through collaboration with various partners, and take on the challenge of new business fields and markets. We always want to be a partner that continues to grow with our customers.

     Under our mission of “Enriching the Future through Better Use of Radio Waves”, we realize a prosperous and vibrant society.



Nihon Dengyo Kosaku Co., Ltd.

President, Representative