DENGYO Sakado Factory - Source of Innovation of Radio Waves -


DENGYO Sakado factory is our R&D and manufacturing site, located in Saitama, near to Tokyo. A great number of DENGYO innovative products were developed and designed in Sakado factory. These innovations from Sakado, Japan has brought better telecommunication solutions to people all over the world.



Sakado Factory was established in 1997. It is still a big symbol of Sakado area. We found an very interesting article of one of the largest  newspaper company in Japan, NIKKEI. The article described about DENGYO Sakado Factory establishment to all over Japan! You can find out how greatly DENGYO has had influence  in Japan.


Now it is the peak season for sakura blossom. Amazingly beautiful sakura blossoms are surrrounding  Sakado factory, which looks like sakura is celebrating our great footprint and expecting more innovation through radio to our society.


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